tower design

FTLife Tower’s innovative design features are immediately apparent, both inside and out, setting a new standard in high-end office and retail spaces. By coupling elegant design and sophisticated furnishings with ultra-efficient systems and a focus on meeting client needs, HKPI, in cooperation with award-winning design firm AGC Design Limited, have conceived and created an unparalleled new landmark in Hong Kong.

tower design

FTLife Tower’s façade design features an exquisite 3-dimensional layering effect. The curtain walls are made up of alternating inclined and reclined glass panels that imitate the texture of woven cloth, homage to HKPI’s original business in the garment industry.

ceiling height
with comfortable

Each floor of the office tower has an exceptional ceiling height (clearance) between 3.1 and 3.8 meters with large windows made of UV-proof laminated crystal clear glass panes that keep the heat and UV rays out of the indoor areas without obstructing the beautiful views of Hong Kong.

the finest
for construction

FTLife Tower was constructed using only the finest materials. The best example of this is shown at the tower's main entrance, where it is clad with rare and extraordinary quality titanium panels ordered from the world-renowned Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Company.


The Green Building:
Energy-saving & Environmental-friendly

In addition to the laminated glass panes that reduce electricity usage by reflecting heat and light away from the building, FTLife Tower also features a high-tech water-cooling air-conditioning system. With this system, electricity usage can be greatly reduced, while a rainwater recycling system is also in place for gardening purposes in order to reduce public water usage, at the same time still providing a green, refreshing and comfortable environment to its users.

In support of efforts to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and the rising popularity of electric vehicles, the car park will provide charging outlets (32amps) for all 122 parking spaces.

LED lamp source is provided for general lighting in common areas.

High efficiency charging facilities are provided for electric vehicles.

Rainwater Recycling Plantation System

5 nos. of high efficiency water-cooled chiller installed (4 nos. of 500RT and 1 no. of 250RT).

Air purification system with ultraviolet sterilizer for indoor air quality improvement.

Greenery podium garden located on 2/F.


FTLife Tower was developed by Hong Kong Pacific Investments Limited (HKPI), and has been awarded both BEAM Plus Platinum and LEED Gold certifications, gaining environmental organizations’ recognition for the construction materials used, indoor and outdoor environments, energy efficiency and innovative design.